Ciambella pan di stelle senza bimby






   Donut star pan introduction:

The pan di stelle donut is a very fine dessert or a very tasty snack. The shape is inspired by the classic pan di stelle biscuit. It is a very easy dessert to prepare with a pinch of nutella and cocoa biscuits. 40 minutes of cooking and the dessert is ready, then prepare all the ingredients and see how to make it.

Ingredients for a 24 cm mold:

  • 200 g of 00 flour;

  • 3 eggs;

  • 70 gr of nutella;

  • 170 grams of sugar;

  • 125 g of softened butter;

  • 150 gr of milk;

  • 50 gr of bitter cocoa;

  • 1 sachet of baking powder;

  • 5 cocoa biscuits or pan di stelle.